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Good enough to eat, a.k.a. thank an art teacher

Today is National Doughnut Day. Moving beyond the editorial debate (donut v. doughnut) and the regional debate (Dunks v. Krispy Kreme v. Starbucks), I wanted to take this opportunity to encourage people to thank an art teacher. Ours is Mr. Wynn, and this hugely child-friendly project pictured above consisted of making enormous papier-mâché doughnuts. The […]

Texas Time

What a wonderful time Richard and I had in Abilene! We were at the National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature (still jeez to the name, but I did learn its acronym is pronounced nickel and not ‘encil) to see a wonderful show, and quite a haul of original art from Coretta Scott King Award winners […]

Yes, they also sent fruit

…and also all this! Thanks for the surprise Tuesday afternoon pick-me-up, Media Source! Roger, we’ll (try to) save some for you.

BBF 2017

I hope to see some of you tomorrow, 11-5, at the Boston Book Festival. The Horn Book will be giving stuff (and opinions; I’m almost done with The Book of Dust) away at booth number 9 in Copley Square. We can see Roxy’s Grilled Cheese (number 33) from our booth! And our Elissa will be […]

Farm to table

Barker, David M.  Organic Foods Gr. 4–6, middle school     64 pp.     Lerner Hand, Carol  Urban Gardening Gr. 4–6, middle school          64 pp.     Lerner Mickelson, Trina  Free-Range Farming Gr. 4–6, middle school          64 pp.     Lerner Perdew, Laura  Eating Local Gr. 4–6, middle school          64 pp.     Lerner Growing Green series. This series for upper-middle-grades focusing on “green” […]

Merry Christmas darlings

Winding things down here for the year, I’d like to wish readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, hoping there is plenty of candy in your immediate future. And if candy is not your thing, Katie also has a host of recommendations of food favorites from children’s books. And do not forget Laura’s gingerbread! […]

Munchings and crunchings: food in books

I’ve been thinking a lot about food in books since reading Jess Zimmerman’s fabulous article “C.S. Lewis’ Greatest Fiction: Convincing American Kids That They Would Like Turkish Delight”: “It was like looking into Harry Potter’s Mirror of Erised, but for desserts: when you thought of a treat worth betraying your family for, what did you […]

Food and cooking

Brash, Lorna Professor Cook’s Dynamite Dinners Gr. 4–6     32 pp.     Enslow Brash, Lorna Professor Cook’s Fruity Desserts Gr. 4–6     32 pp.     Enslow Brash, Lorna Professor Cook’s Mind-Blowing Baking Gr. 4–6     32 pp.     Enslow Brash, Lorna Professor Cook’s Smashing Snacks Gr. 4–6     32 pp.     Enslow Professor Cook’s… series. Kid-friendly recipes are presented with underlying food facts […]

Moving moment No. 11

Longtime HornBooker Jennifer Brabander came by today to scour the giveaway shelves, and look what she brought. Thanks, Jen!

Rebecca Stead’s good taste

Rebecca Stead’s latest book, Liar & Spy, features an entertaining (and educational!) subplot about the sense of taste. Main character Georges’ science class participates in a taste-test experiment that Rebecca, while reminiscing with me for a Talks With Roger interview, remembers from her own school days: Roger: Is that a real thing, that taste test? […]