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Comments aren’t working

I asked for your thoughts on Anna Karenina earlier today but have since discovered that there’s something wrong with the comments feature throughout the website. Comments aren’t posting. We’re working on it. But since I have you on mute, I thought I might share a few thoughts.   Team Renesmee. Boy books are usually girl […]

>Neil speaks

> . . . and apparently gets into a lot of hot water for doing so. Even before people in Chicago knew that Neil Gaiman was giving the 2012 Sutherland Lecture, they were talking about kooky Matt Dean, the Minnesota legislator who announced that he “hated” Gaiman (whether the books or the man he did not […]

>We have liftoff

> and I’ll be signing at BEA if you’re in the neighborhood.

>Rough Cut

>Here’s a clip from my interview last Friday. I’m afraid to listen to it, so you be the judge.

>Hot air didn’t stop the Nazis, either.

>From a San Francisco bookstore forum, reported in Shelf Awareness: The idea for the panel, said co-owner Margie Scott Tucker, came from a statement made by Alan Kaufman, novelist, memoirist, influential in the Spoken Word movement and editor of The Outlaw Bible of American Literature: “When I hear the term Kindle, I think not of […]

>When writers attack!

>I wonder what you call the Twitter equivalent to drunk dialing? And if you’re going to whine about how you used to be reviewed (and how that must hurt) by Anne Tyler, it might be politic to spell her name right. [Update 11:45 AM. It looks like Alice Hoffman wisely thought to retreat from the […]

>"Oh yes, the new Lowry. Haven’t quite got to it yet, but the woman’s a genius."

>While I can think of plenty of children’s books that are actually coffee table books for adults (I know Wabi Sabi was a popular book in the blogosphere but to me it’s a perfect example of this) I’m wondering if there is such a thing among children themselves. Like, is there a Fatal Shore for […]

Cuba Libro Prohibito

Vamos a Cuba is back in the news. I’m glad that the Dade County schools are in such great shape that people can expend their energy on this.