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>Maybe they were on to something,

>those YA writerswho madespareness of linelook likepoetry. The company Live Ink believes this in fact is a more efficient way to read prose. Look here to see what they’ve done with Moby-Dick.

>So now will I have to read it? It’s not like they did.

>A fifth-grade class in Pittsfield, MA has joined in a legislator’s effort to name Moby-Dick the Commonwealth’s official State Book. Melville wrote the book while living in Pittsfield, but that’s about as much as the kids know–none of them have read it. And we wonder why lobbyists get a reputation for cynicism. Besides, I remember […]

>Being an American Can Be Fun

>SLJ this month runs a short, vague article on possible changes to ALSC book awards criteria. Fuse8 has a pretty good discussion on it going; over here I’d like to consider the larger implied question about American children’s literature. SLJ attributes to K.T. Horning, 50, the idea that the Newbery and Caldecott have “accomplished their […]