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The Writer’s Page: Decolonizing the Imagination

The door is a place, real, imaginary and imagined. As islands and dark continents are. It is a place which exists or existed. The door out of which Africans were captured, loaded onto ships heading for the New World. It was the door of a million exits multiplied. It is a door many of us […]

Books in the Home: Committing the Crime Without Doing the Time

by Jessica Angotti I was a nanny for two years. In my care were three little girls under the age of seven. Since the older two were in school most of the day, the youngest, Hope, was my main responsibility. At twenty-one months, Hope loved books. She liked “reading” them to herself, and she liked […]

What Makes a Good Board Book?

Before launching into any venture, whether it be conducting a meeting, planning a toddler story time, or simply making a trip to the grocery store, I take a cue from my inner two-year-old and ask why. Why am I doing this? What do I hope will happen? Thus, when faced with the task of assessing […]

An Interview with Katherine Paterson

As a member of the selection committee, I knew last fall that Katherine Paterson was going to be our second National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, and my partner Richard and I (along with our dog Buster) went up to Vermont to visit with Katherine and her husband John (and their dog Annie), ask a […]