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Review of The Dark

The Dark by Lemony Snicket; 
illus. by Jon Klassen Preschool, Primary    Little, Brown    40 pp. 4/13    978-0-316-18748-0    $16.99 Leave it to Lemony Snicket to craft a story personifying “the dark” — an idea all too real and frightening for children afraid of what lurks in the shadows. But they will find a kindred spirit in […]

Review of Deadly!: The Truth About the Most 
Dangerous Creatures on Earth

Deadly!: The Truth About the Most 
Dangerous Creatures on Earth by Nicola Davies; illus. by Neal Layton Primary, Intermediate    Candlewick    64 pp. 3/13    978-0-7636-6231-8    $14.99 Readers with a taste for the grisly realism of nature will revel in the latest Davies and Layton collaboration, featuring the ways in which animals cause lasting harm or death […]

Review of Miss Moore Thought Otherwise

Miss Moore Thought Otherwise: How Anne Carroll Moore Created Libraries for Children by Jan Pinborough; 
illus. by Debby Atwell Primary    Houghton    40 pp. 3/13    978-0-547-47105-1    $16.99 Nowadays, Anne Carroll Moore is remembered as the fiercest of the library ladies whose influence on children’s library service and publishing was both inspirational and — sometimes — intractable. […]

Review of Poison

Poison by Bridget Zinn Middle School    Hyperion    280 pp. 3/13    978-1-4231-3993-5    $16.99    g Sixteen-year-old Kyra is a girl with more than her share of secrets. Living in the world of witches, dwarves, potion masters, shape shifters, and the like, she is reluctant to trust anyone, even her best friend and the future queen, Ariana. Readers […]

Review of Never Say Die

Never Say Die by Will Hobbs Intermediate, Middle School    Harper/HarperCollins    212 pp. 2/13    978-0-06-170878-7    $16.99 Library ed.  978-0-06-170879-4    $17.89 e-book ed.  978-0-06-222384-5    $9.99 Set in the Yukon Territory hard by the Beaufort Sea, Hobbs’s latest turbocharged wilderness survival story has heavy weather, savage river waters, treacherous trails, and, as chief antagonist, a “grolar bear.” Just […]