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The Faces in the Picture Books

Try mentioning the phrase multicultural literature to teachers, librarians, editors, or writers these days. A fair number of them will sigh, and you may even notice their eyes rolling back in their heads. “Oh, no,” you can hear them thinking, “not that again.” We know it’s a topic of great importance, and we’re sick to […]

Peter Says Please

In August 1927 the Horn Book carried an appeal for help in preserving the Lake District countryside in the names of two eminent English countryfolk, Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter. In the illustrated letter, Peter pleads mutely, like a dog begging for a bone. But they do not come empty-handed, says Potter, offering a signed […]

Editorial: Honoring Mike

“Why is there no YA equivalent to the Newbery Medal?” When I asked that question fifteen years ago (School Library Journal, December 1983), it was hardly its first hearing. As far back as 1962, the Young Adult Services Division (now the Young Adult Library Services Association) of ALA had proposed an award for the book […]