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Five reasons to get your holiday gifts from a bookstore

In our January/February 2016 issue, Abby McGanney Nolan tackles a topic dear to my former-bookselling (and aspiring children’s-book-creating) heart. Her article “Shelf Lives: From Bookseller to Bestseller” features interviews with a slew of children’s book creators who got their start working in bookstores. Plenty of current and former Horn Bookers have also spent time as […]

A Children’s Bookshop in New Zealand: One Family’s Enterprise

by Dorothy Butler The fact that the story of my bookshop cannot be separated from the story of my family is hardly surprising. Given simultaneous ambitions to enjoy the childhood years of eight children and to establish a book business, one is not offered a choice; the area of overlap must be considerable. In my […]

When Pigs Fly: The Improbable Dream of Bookselling in a Digital Age

“I’ve always dreamed of opening a bookstore when I retire.” We used to hear this all the time, a shy confession from book-loving customers and tourists delighted to find an independent bookstore tucked away in a small Vermont town. It was the words “when I retire” that made us smile, this cozy perception of bookselling […]

Judging a Book by Its Cover (Because Sometimes That’s All We Get): What Makes a Good Bookstore Book?

As an independent bookseller, I have both the luxury and the responsibility of actively choosing every title on the shelves of my store. It’s a source of great pleasure but also much soul searching, because in order to keep my doors open I have to carry certain books that are not at all to my […]