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2019 CaldeNotts

I love following along here at Calling Caldecott, reading posts and comments from extraordinarily astute and observant picture book evaluators and measuring the books in question according to their insights, whether or not they line up with mine. Indeed, perhaps the most gratifying function of a blog like this, for me at least, is the […]

Border Crossing 101

  Some of you know that I am not a librarian and have never worked in publishing. And if you didn’t know before, you do now. That’s why I have to depend on others to explain the history and traditions of the ALA book awards. I simply don’t get them. There is nothing that makes […]

International Picture Books…books I wish were eligible

Today you are in for a treat. Julie Danielson, author of the Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast blog, is here to chat with me about international books. Before we start, I should say that I could have included about thirty links to her excellent blog but was too lazy. Please, pour yourself a cup of coffee, carve […]

Outside Over Where?: Foreign Picture Books and the Dream of Global Awareness

It’s a small world after all. Or then again, maybe not. A stroll through the exhibition halls at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, the world’s largest annual international gathering of publishers of books for young people, presents a decidedly mixed picture. With English being the default business language of the fair and with much of […]