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Otis and Will Discover the Deep

I remember my father’s story of when, as a teenager on Staten Island, he built a diving apparatus — a diving helmet — to enable him to descend into watery depths and explore the world below. My father is gone now and with him the details of how he created it — how air was tubed in, […]

How to Be an Elephant

I find it interesting how much I tend to admire nonfiction picture books these days. As a child, that wasn’t the case at all, but then information books have come a long way in the past fifty years. We used to talk on this blog about how difficult it was for information books to win […]

Neighborhood Sharks

I didn’t look very carefully at Neighborhood Sharks when it first came in to the office, mostly because I’ve got such a soft spot for harbor seals (close relatives to elephant seals, the preferred prey for the great white sharks in this book). Also, I was kind of turned off by the limp dead seal and […]