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KidLit Election 2012

As Election Day 2012 draws near, The Horn Book asks: what children’s literature character should be president? The nominees: Charlotte A. Cavatica (D), Jamie Kincaid (R), plus three 3rd-party candidates.

Guess who else is getting sworn in today?

  This post is part of our ongoing KidLit Election 2012 coverage. For candidate platforms, debates, and more, click on the tag KidLit Election 2012.

KidLit Election 2012: Victory and concession speeches

Voters turned out in impressive numbers to participate in the Horn Book’s inaugural KidLit Election. The dark-horse Green Party ticket, with presidential candidate The Lorax and running mate Alice Rumphius, won the day — by a small margin. Though the upset came as a surprise to commentators and frontrunner Charlotte A. Cavatica (D) alike, Ms. […]

KidLit Election 2012: Election results are in!

Breaking news! As of last night, the race was too tight to call. But this afternoon, we are happy to announce the results of the the inaugural Horn Book KidLit Election. Your 2012 Horn Book KidLit Election winners: Green Party candidates The Lorax and Miss Rumphius! The race was a close one, with dark-horse third-party […]

KidLit Presidential Election — VOTE!

UPDATE on 11/6/12: The polls are closed as of noon today. Thank you for your votes! Results coming soon. The polls are open! Click here to vote for your favorite Horn Book KidLit election ticket today through noon on Election Day. Who would best represent YOU as KidLit emissary? Charlotte A. Cavatica and Octavian Nothing […]

Five questions for the presidential candidates: the KidLit Election 2012 presidential debate

Horn Book editor in chief Roger Sutton moderates a debate between Ms. Charlotte A. Cavatica, the Democratic presidential candidate, and Mr. Jamie Kincaid, the Republican presidential candidate. 1. If elected, which campaign promise will you keep first? Charlotte: Obviously, education is a top priority for me. If I can teach a pig to spell, why, I […]

Five questions for the VP candidates: the KidLit Election 2012 vice presidential debate

Horn Book editor in chief Roger Sutton moderates a debate between Mr. Octavian Nothing, the Democratic vice presidential candidate, and Mr. Edward Cullen, the Republican vice presidential candidate. 1. Both of you come from somewhat…unusual backgrounds. Do you feel like the average voter can relate to you? Octavian: One doesn’t have to be an erudite, highly […]

KidLit Election 2012: Third-party tickets

Our Republican and Democratic candidates established, we now turn our attention to some third-party tickets certain to give Mr. Kincaid and Ms. Cavatica a run for their money. Advocate for your favorite candidate (or nominate another!) in the comments; write-ins also welcome in our final vote in November.  Green Party “We speak for the trees—and the tree-huggers.”   […]

Breaking news: Democratic candidate Cavatica “bloodthirsty”?

Democratic presidential candidate Charlotte A. Cavatica addresses allegations from animal rights groups: “Recently animal rights advocates have expressed concerns about my diet and my so-called ‘bloodthirstiness’. Those concerned for the well-being of our animal friends need only look to my tireless efforts to save young pig Wilbur (well-documented by biographer E.B. White) for proof that […]

This just in: Republican candidate Kincaid nudity scandal!

Republican presidential candidate Jamie Kincaid addresses accusations of public indecency: “By now, you’ve probably seen that picture of me in the fountain. (If not, don’t look at chapter 5 in the exposé E. L. Konigsburg wrote about me and my sister.) Okay, sure, I was naked. But, come on, how do you take a bath? Talks […]

KidLit Election 2012: Democratic primary results are in!

The Democratic party is honored to announce the 2012 election ticket: presidential nominee Charlotte A. Cavatica and running mate Octavian Nothing. Despite a valiant voter drive on the part of Mr. Nothing’s loyal supporters, Ms. Cavativa ultimately won the day with her focus on educational reform. Both Joey Pigza, running on a universal healthcare platform, and Heather, […]