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>Propp was a piker

>Here’s how to quantify a folktale: Slagsmålsklubben – Sponsored by destiny from Tomas Nilsson on Vimeo.

>NOT by the hair of her chinny-chin-chin, apparently

>Off to the Eric Carle Museum today for tomorrow’s program; let’s hope the weather holds out! [UPDATE: It’s not going to. The event has been canceled and will be rescheduled.] Just read that the multimillion-dollar-lawsuit-inspiring Misha, a Holocaust memoir in which the author claimed to have been sheltered by wolves for a time, has been […]

>Grandma was right

>Stick to the path, she said. But she didn’t have Buster with her this morning. Dragging her off the path. Into the deceptively spring-like woods that concealed floors of ice. Causing me to fall three times (seven, if you count the slips I kept having trying to arise from the last one). I’m thinking of […]