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Louis Sachar Talks with Roger

Talks with Roger is a sponsored supplement to our free monthly e-newsletter, Notes from the Horn Book. To receive Notes, sign up here. Sponsored by While Louis Sachar’s books are frequently tinged with something other than reality (the Wayside School, the curse in Holes, the voices from Beyond in The Cardturner), Fuzzy Mud is a suspenseful […]

Review of Fuzzy Mud

Fuzzy Mud by Louis Sachar Intermediate, Middle School   Delacorte   184 pp. 8/15   978-0-385-74378-5   $16.99 Library ed. 978-0-375-99129-5   $19.99   g e-book ed. 978-0-385-37021-9   $10.99 A shortcut through the woods? What could go wrong? Neighbors and fellow outsiders Tamaya (fifth grade) and Marshall (seventh) are in bigger trouble than they know when Marshall diverts them from their […]

An Interview with Andrew Davis

An old friend of mine from Chicago and the director of films including The Fugitive and A Perfect Murder, Andy Davis made a movie hit from Louis Sachar’s popular and dauntingly honored Holes. Here we talk about how that came about. ROGER SUTTON: What was it like to make a movie that was based on […]

Holes: Author Louis Sachar’s 1999 BGHB Fiction Award Speech

In Holes, Stanley Yelnats assumes his position among unlikely but likable folk heroes of mythic proportion. The author presents a sophisticated, satisfying, surreally realistic mystery–tall tale in a place where past and present intersect. —1999 BGHB judge Maria B Salvadore This is great. It is very gratifying to be recognized by the Boston Globe and […]

Profiles of Louis Sachar

by Sherre Sachar “Are you really Louis Sachar’s daughter?” A fifth-grader asked me that my first week of kindergarten. Word spread rather quickly on the playground and I was suddenly thrown into the world of people who really loved my dad’s books. Until then, I didn’t realize that his books had so much influence on […]

Review of Holes

Holes by Louis Sachar Intermediate, Older     Foster/Farrar     235 pp. 9/98      ISBN 0-374-33265-7      $16.00     g Many years ago I heard a long — very long — shaggy dog story involving a couple of grumpy people, a plane, a train, a brick, a dog, and a cigar. It must have gone on for forty-five minutes or so, […]