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Protecting our world

Amstutz, Lisa J.  Bringing Back Our Freshwater Lakes Middle school, high school     112 pp.     ABDO/Essential Hand, Carol  Bringing Back Our Oceans Middle school, high school      112 pp.     ABDO/Essential Hand, Carol  Bringing Back Our Tropical Forests Middle school, high school     112 pp.     ABDO/Essential MacCarald, Clara  Bringing Back Our Deserts Middle school, high school     112 pp. […]

Natural resources at risk

Bang, Molly and Chisholm, Penny  Buried Sunlight: How Fossil Fuels Have Changed the Earth Gr. K–3, 4–6     48 pp.     Scholastic/Blue Sky Illustrated by Molly Bang. Bang and Chisholm explain the production and consumption of fossil fuels, along with the consequences of all that energy use: climate change. The sun serves as narrator describing the relationship […]