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>And here I thought Monday would be timely.

>But the New York Times and Baltimore Sun got the jump on us, with reviews today of the new Harry Potter. And bravo to them: while Scholastic is entitled to try and stoke the flames of publicity–I mean, “preserve the magic moment”–by insisting on all kinds of secrecy, it’s equally the job of the press […]

>He says . . she says

>A student seeking resources for a paper dragged Sylvia E. Kamerman’s Book Reviewing: A Guide to Writing Book Reviews–by leading Book Editors, Critics, and Reviewers (The Writer, 1978) from my dusty shelves to my desk the other day, and it’s quite an interesting volume viewed in the light of the current drama about the slow […]

>My view exactly; if only we could convince the rest of the world.

>”Nothing satisfies the appetite for allegory quite like a movie about flesh-eating zombies”– The NY Times’s A.O. Scott on 28 Weeks Later.

>Late to the Party,

>but the New York Times today sums up some of the issues that were bouncing around here a couple of weeks ago. What is perhaps most salient is that their news about blogs-and-books reaches a potential audience, in print and online, of far greater number than any blogosphere dustup does, while here it’s mostly insider […]

>When It’s Time to Keep Quiet

>In yesterday’s Huffington Post, author Leslie Bennetts complains about a New York Times piece, which, using Bennetts’ new book The Feminine Mistake as an example, speculated that the sales of hot-button books have been compromised by their authors’ endless talk show rounds: readers figure they already have enough of a gist for their purposes. This […]

>A role model in better clothes

>When I got an email from Robin Smith with the subject line “Someone we both love,” I thought, oh God, I really cannot handle another death right now. But I perked right up when I opened it and saw that rather than an obituary, it was a link to a New York Times article about […]

>Matthew Insists on Puffed Sleeves

>There’s been some discussion recently about blogging and inclusivity that came to mind when I read this article Martha showed me about kids and their cliques. Marion Hawthorne lives. As Monica Edinger pointed out in the post linked above, it’s not just kids. As Barbara Grizzuti Harrison wrote of her adolescence among the Greenwich Village […]

>I just sent back one like this, marked RE DO

>I know it’s trendy to knock Michiko Kakutani, but, honestly, her column today about two new biographies of Leni Riefenstahl was just the laziest kind of reviewing. In a favorite Times technique, she spends most of her space restating the scoop on Riefenstahl she read in the books she was reviewing, in a tone that […]

>Oh, those sneaky sneaks!

>The New York Times weighs in with what is quite possibly the most inane comment yet on Lucky‘s scrotum: “Authors of children’s books sometimes sneak in a single touchy word or paragraph, leaving librarians to choose whether to ban an entire book over one offending phrase.”