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>Mean Girls wannabe

>Horn Book intern (and competitive latte artist) Beth sinks her teeth into Amy Holder’s The Lipstick Laws over at Out of the Box.

>In breaking political news

>My review of President Obama’s new picture book is over at Out of the Box.

>Over There

>Today I’m over at Out of the Box, opining about a couple of YA classics.

>Cambridge Public Library, November 16th (note date change)


>I Speak, You Shut Up

>Following last Saturday’s colloquium at Simmons, I had an interesting dinner conversation with Megan Whalen Turner and Virginia Duncan about the Speak debate of a few weeks ago and the more recent challenge to The Hunger Games at a New Hampshire school. Both cases have me in “yes . . . but” overload. Yes, the […]

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>The news about Kirkus is very sad. I am friends with several of the children’s editors–Lillian Gerhardt, Barbara Bader (who was also the owner and publisher for a time), Diane Roback, Joanna Rudge Long, Karen Breen and current editor Vicky Smith. And I treasure one issue, published interregnum and written by the adult staff, which […]

>Feed me.

>A couple of weeks ago, in the aftermath of telling Alan Kaufman to do a not very nice thing to himself, I asked him to name names of the “high-tech propagandists” who tell us that we will be better off without books. I found one: . . . the techies in Silicon Valley are giving […]

>Having It Both Ways

>The recent “Battle of the Books” match-up between Shadow Country and The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks has caused some debate around the YA blogosphere; see Liz B.’s post and the comments there attached for some enlightening discussion. I won’t vote since I haven’t read Shadow Country but I like the way the debate bares […]

>On the one hand, vacation is over

>On the other, I have wi-fi at home. This concludes this test of blogging from the couch.