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>Kids and the Kindle

>I don’t see it. While I’m having a fine enough time with the Kindle myself, I think its lack of a backlight and color, rudimentary display of pictures, and plethora of steps and button-pushing will cause most anyone under twenty-five to dismiss it as being for The Olds (and the really Olds, like me, who […]

>Reading disobedience

>If you are attending the Massachusetts Library Association conference in Falmouth this Thursday, come hear Simmons College library school professor Maggie Bush and me talk about the intersection of parents, children and libraries in the question of equal access to library materials. Let’s say Janie wants to read the Harry Potter books. Let’s say Janie’s […]

For your listening pleasure

Our latest podcast is ready. Boston Globe-Horn Book award winner M. T. Anderson (who also won a little thing called the 2006 National Book Award for Young People’s Literature) talks with his good friend and Horn Book publisher Anne Quirk about The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume I: The Pox […]

>Off topic: this is just for those

>. . . for whom a day that does not start with inappropriate laughter is not, uh, a day.

>I meant that about the pencils

>Yesterday’s announcement re the September 2008 special issue (“School”) has already reeled in its first submission, and yes, all of you are Called even while I can’t speak to who is Chosen until I’ve seen what ya got. Since I’m devoting this month to cranking out prose I thought I might give you the chance […]

>When something’s not as cool as you thought it was.

>That last thread about the tree-face which I thought had been handcrafted by a local free spirit but which turned out to be only the latest thing in lawn ornaments, brings me to another question: why do I now think the tree-face is kind of tacky just because there are thousands like it around the […]

>Hometown Hero

>Although he has graced New York for many decades, obdurate Illinoisan Richard Peck, late of Decatur and Rogers Park, came home to a hero’s welcome at the 25th Zena Sutherland lecture last Friday, garnering the largest audience yet at that event. Peck is a gifted speaker, with a particular talent for making people feel like […]

>Who says kids can’t appreciate irony?

>I wonder what it would be like to be their mom.

>Keeping Up

>It’s an unfortunate fact of life-in-print that books get overtaken by events, and Horn Book editors have been busy blue-penciling reviews of all the astronomy books that haven’t caught up with the events of August 26th of last year, a day that shook the solar system. But a new–and gorgeous–book is hep to the zeitgeist: […]

>March-April Horn Book Magazine

>Selections from the new issue of the Horn Book are up at our website, including a survey of Fredrick and Patricia McKissack’s work by Barbara Bader, Jonathan Hunt on the Printz Award, and me, in both an editorial and a review, explaining just why we need to make a big fuss about The Invention of […]