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May the Lord protect and defend you

Tonight I am attending Shabbat with Richard at his temple, and the service will be followed by Lesléa Newman talking about her new book Gittel’s Journey: An Ellis Island Story. I love it when one’s worlds collide, don’t you?

>What to Watch?

>We had only been watching half an hour or so of the new Prisoner mini-series when Richard said, “I’m tired of these shows.” Pressed for elucidation, he said “you know, shows where the whole thing is WHAT’S GOING ON?” There certainly a lot of these cued on our DVR–Heroes, FlashForward, Fringe, with Lost coming back […]

>See Baby Miles. See Baby Miles Read.

>(I take it as a mark of long-delayed maturity that I now find holding a baby more rewarding than playing with a puppy.)

>Shana tova!

> Miles and me on Rosh Hashanah.