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Reviews of the 2014 Printz winners

 Winner: Midwinterblood by Marcus Sedgwick (Roaring Brook) Sedgwick takes us backwards, first by sixty-year intervals and then by leaps of centuries, in seven short stories centering on a remote northern island and the potent, drug-laden flower that blooms there. Each story begins with love and ends with death, whether of young lovers, parents and children, […]

The White Bicycle

It’s always disappointing when we miss the opportunity to blow our horn for a really good book — but in this case the ARC arrived too late to review in the Magazine. Fortunately, this year’s Printz committee found it in time to award it an Honor and get it the recognition it deserves. And here’s […]

Such a weird book

“Weird” is not a word with which to begin a Sunday morning, coffee-is-still-too-hot post. Because it still looks right if you misspell it: wierd.(i before e except after c, my Aunt Fanny.) But in any case, it’s the right word for Joe Schreiber’s (Schrieber’s?) Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick, highlighted over at Peter Sieruta’s new […]

New Printz blog

SLJ has started a blog about the Printz, so head on over. I was on the first committee (Monster) when the criteria were still being hammered out; as I whine in the comments over there, it doesn’t look like YALSA has managed to finish them even more than ten years later. I editorialized about the […]

A Printz Retrospective, by Jonathan Hunt

I was honored to be a member of the 2008 Michael L. Printz Award committee, but it can be a difficult thing to be charged with selecting the (mythical) best young adult book of the year, as any former committee member can attest. You read three hundred books, in full or in part; you dearly […]

>A correction and a repeated complaint

>Re the Printz Award: I posted a while back about how I thought American Born Chinese, published by First Second Books, was not exactly eligible for the award, since it did not seem to me to be expressly published for young adults, an explicit criterion. But I have since heard from the award Chair Cindy […]