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Reader Prom + prom reading

Tomorrow evening’s Reader Prom hosted by Porter Square Books looks like so much fun! Join Porter Square Books at the Davis Square VFW for our first ever Reader Prom and Book drive. All the proceeds will go to the Porter Square Books Foundation. Dress up in your finest prom fashion. Bring a copy of your favorite […]

Prom season reads

Whether they love it or love to hate it, prom is a big rite of passage for many teens. Consequently, prom — with all the related excitement and anxiety — makes frequent appearances in YA novels. Here are a few of our favorite prom-centric reads. (On the more love-to-hate-it end of the spectrum, Roger also suggests […]

‘Tis the season (to mock old prom pics)

It’s prom season! Sure, most of us have outgrown prom frenzy, but a little reminiscing never hurt anyone (except for Roger, who never went). Author Aimee Ferris does just that, and encourages others to do the same, over at her blog Will Work for Prom Dress — a tie-in to her book with the same […]

I never went

…to a prom, but I admire the way these authors proudly show off the ruffles and powder blue of youth.