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2012 CSK Illustrator Award Acceptance

By Shane W. Evans As I sit down to write this, I watch the sun fall below the horizon and my spirits rise. There is the sound of LIFE all around me: birds chirping, the roar of vehicles, the faint exchanges of words between neighbors, and children’s laughter in the air. I am encouraged and […]

A Profile of Shane W. Evans

By Taye Diggs “What are you?” “What?” “What are you? Preppy, er…What’s your style?” “Uh, I don’t know, man…I’m just me.” Those were the words exchanged when I first met Shane W. Evans. It was the beginning of our sophomore year at School of the Arts in Rochester, New York. We were both transfers and […]


Underground is one of those books I was taken by the first time I read it, perched at the Roaring Brook booth at ALA this summer.  It’s a quiet book, but one that is worth some closer attention. The Underground  of the title is the Underground Railroad and the story is written for very young […]