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2018 Summer Reading Recommendations

Pie Is for Sharing, as our Five Questions interviewees remind us, and so is this special issue of Notes from the Horn Book, which presents our 2018 Summer Reading list. We’ve selected our top ten suggestions, including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, for all age ranges — fifty books in all — for beach reading or […]

2017 Summer Reading Recommendations

“Summer readin’ / had me a blast…” By now you should know that The Horn Book’s philosophy regarding summer reading is just do it, but the it is wide open to interpretation. Summer reading should not be a way to trick kids into doing school. Sure, reading can be learning (and oftentimes it is, even […]

2016 Summer Reading Recommendations

Many years ago I worked at a summer reading club with particularly odorous prizes. I use the adjective advisedly. The club was sponsored by McDonald’s, and the rules were simple: read seven books, give a brief oral report on each, and get a hamburger. Kids worked out pretty soon that thirty-five books meant five hamburgers, […]

2015 Summer Reading Recommendations

I feel I should let you know up front that the books for this year’s summer reading list were selected by our editors with zero thought for educational utility, curricular affinity, or Core Standards readiness. They are books to read for the fun of it. But this is not a list of beach-book page-turners. Summer […]

2014 Summer Reading Recommendations

Educationalists will tell you how important it is for children to keep reading throughout the long summer break lest their ever-evolving literacy skills erode. Fine. That does not, however, excuse the frequently dreadful list of recommended or — eep — required reading that schools shoot out as one last salvo of homework just as everybody […]

2013 Summer Reading from The Horn Book

We’re super-psyched to present our annual Summer Reading List, complete with free downloadable PDF sampler. These new books, published 2012-2013, have been hand-selected for kids of all ages, from preschoolers to teenagers. There’s (more than one) something for everyone! So hop on a hammock, sprawl on a beach — and don’t forget to bring a […]

Summer Reading Recommendations 2012

Need suggestions for beach reading or books to bring to summer camp? We’ve hand-picked some new favorites, all published within the last year, that are ideal for the season. Download a free PDF version of the list, perfect for sharing with teachers, parents, and of course, kids.   Picture books (Fiction and Nonfiction) Suggested grade level […]