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HBook Podcast 1.16 – Drugs ‘n’ Booze in YA

Horn Book Podcast the sixteenth in which Siân and Roger talk about booze, drugs, and young adult lit. Books we talk about John Montroll and Min Sung Ku, Wonder Woman Origami: Amazing Folding Projects Featuring the Warrior Princess (DC Origami) Justine Larbalestier, My Sister Rosa Maggie Stiefvater, Raven Boys series Anonymous, Go Ask Alice April […]

>When I was a lad,

>Boston Latin was where the smart kids went. No more. [Update] The story has been updated and now makes a lot more sense.


>Liz B. pointed me toward this PW essay on the thin line between reader’s advisory work and putting limitations on library access for kids. It gives me the willies. Is it right for me to discourage a kid’s reading choice? No. But is it right for me to give a kid a book that I […]

>Taking the Children

>It’s been a while, but Richard clipped an article for me that speaks to us all. It’s NY Times movie critic A. O. Scott writing about taking his kids to movies for which they are putatively too young, and he builds his argument from books: ” . . . something in me rebels against the […]

>Where the world was as blue as an orange

>If not the world, then the University of Illinois, where even the damned goldfish gracing the tank in the Illini Union come in the school colors. (As does this blog, I suddenly notice. It has to be the ugliest color combo I’ve ever seen, and now I know I’m going to see it everywhere.) But […]