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Et tu, witches?

I recently took A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness out of the library; soon after, a paperback version of it (and its sequel, Shadow of Night) magically arrived in our office. (“Coincidence? Or psychic phenomenon?” Anyone remember that TV commercial?) I’d been enjoying this smart story of Diana, a brilliant thirty-something Oxford scholar and […]

The man behind the masque

Please join me in thanking Peter Sieruta, blogging at Collecting Children’s Books, for yesterday’s lunacy (which is about as far as my vampire puns can go, so I’m grateful to Peter for sinking his teeth into this for us). Look for Peter’s forthcoming book from Candlewick Press–written with fellow bloggers Betsy Bird and Julie Danielson, […]

Team I’ll Stay Home, Thanks

I neither read nor saw Breaking Dawn, and The Mary Sue explains why. Thanks to David Maybury for the link.


I’m currently appreciating Teeth: Vampire Tales (HarperCollins), an upcoming short story anthology edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling. The big-name contributors such as Neil Gaiman, Ellen Kushner, Holly Black, Tanith Lee, and Garth Nix initially caught my attention, but it’s refreshing to find tales by authors I haven’t read before (Suzy McKee Charnas, Steve […]