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fanfaresquareFPO I’d like to welcome our visitors from Book Riot, a source of great information, seductive recommendations, and lively (occasionally heated!) engagement with its readers about books. The Horn Book hopes you find a kindred spirit here — although perhaps less Anne Shirley and more Mrs. Rachel Lynde, given our longtime sobriquet, “the Little Old Lady from Boston.” We say it with pride.spacerHowever, The Horn Book was founded by a little (accounts differ, but she needed to sit on a box to drive a car) young lady, Bertha Mahony, who at the age of thirty-three in 1916 founded the Bookshop for Boys and Girls under the aegis of the Women’s Educational and Industrial Union. It was the first children’s bookstore in the United States, and its “Suggestive Purchase List” (not what it sounds like) for book-buyers would metamorphose in 1924 into The Horn Book Magazine. Bertha’s first editorial provided what remains our mission statement today: “we are publishing this sheet to blow the horn for fine books for boys and girls.” The Magazine began as a quarterly and is now bimonthly; it was joined in 1989 by The Horn Book Guide, reviewing upwards of 5000 books a year; we began our digital life with a page on AOL back in the ’90s and now, well, now here you are.spacerOn the sidebars of this page you will find links to our various publishing venues as well as some features we thought Book Riot readers would especially enjoy. Check out the Fanfare list of what we think are the best books of 2015 for children and teens; have a look at our blogs; read what Maurice Sendak said about plankton, Christopher Myers about race, Meg Wolitzer about libraries, and A.S. King about teaching. And, per the season, you can even taste-test Laura Ingalls Wilder’s gingerbread recipe. Wander around, sign up for our free newsletters, subscribe. We’re very glad you’ve joined us.Roger Sutton
Roger Sutton
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