Crying out for a YA novel

Or was this already covered on Friday Night Lights? Boston has been abuzz with discussion about a recent high school football game in which a quarterback, clearly on his way to whatever is the football equivalent of a home run, made some kind of yay-me gesture that caused the ref to call a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, thus denying the kid the point and–it is argued–his team the game. There is SO much drama: Catholic school v. vo-tech; city v. suburb; the difference between triumph and taunting (as I know from the odious fist-pumping tennis players indulge in, it’s a thin line). Boston’s Mayor Menino has treated the losing local team to lunch and the QB is going to throw out the first pitch at a Red Sox game. Chris Crutcher, Mike Lupica, Bob Lipsyte, somebody: take the ball and run with it.

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  1. Robin Smith Robin Smith says:

    I’d read it. Dang, now that I am up to date on all my reading, I would read just about anything.

  2. Roger, I keep meaning to recommend Friday Night Lights (if you don’t already watch it). Not only will it teach you such football terminology as “touchdown,” it’s also the best kind of melodrama: smart, tight, and a little trashy. Plus, cute boys.

  3. Chest bump to Elissa!

  4. Clear eyes, full hearts… you know the rest.

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