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hunger games handbag1 Chic litI have a serious Etsy addiction, and an incredible shop I just discovered is not helping.

Spoonful of Chocolate sells recycled book purses and e-reader covers; now I am lusting over a Hunger Games handbag made from an actual copy of The Hunger Games. (They have other chapter book and YA selections, too.) My favorite, though, might be the ornate Pride and Prejudice bag complete with ladylike “pearl” handle.

pride and prejudice Chic lit

both bags by Etsy seller Spoonful of Chocolate

The only downside is the handbags aren’t big enough to carry a book with you—not ideal for the daily grind. But how geek chic to carry one to an award ceremony or Kidlit Drink Night!

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Katie Bircher, assistant editor at The Horn Book, Inc., is a former bookseller and holds an MA in children's literature from Simmons College.


  1. “Congratulations, Jane Austen, you are in. I’m sorry, Suzanne Collins, that means you are out. Pack up your things in that adorable bag and leave the runway. Auf wiedersehen.”

  2. As usual, Heidi and the judges are crazy–Tim Gunn would totally have picked the Sense and Sensibility handbag.


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