Summer trend watch

I can’t believe that I’m already sorting through mounds of July and August galleys for the Spring 2013 Guide issue. I’m also floored that heart-shaped glasses are apparently this summer’s hottest trend. Don’t believe it either? These two nearly identical summer ARC covers might convince you:

heart shaped 1 Summer trend watch     heart shaped 2 Summer trend watch
Personally, I’m still a cat-eye kind of girl.

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  1. I don’t know if they are nearly identical, but the combination of heart-shaped glasses and the second person is definitely striking.

  2. My first thought was of Kubrick’s film version of “Lolita.” I’m guessing teen readers would be at least somewhat familiar with that image as well.

  3. Roger Sutton says:

    But those titles have too many words! The first should be called WISH and the second, BEESTUNG.

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