What’s your favorite font?

marcus typefaces 212x500 Whats your favorite font?We’ve just posted Leonard S. Marcus’s article “Give ‘Em Helvetica: Picture Book Type” from the upcoming September/October issue. Since “type is one of the major ingredients in the creation of a visual environment,” Marcus explores how different typefaces can enhance — or detract from — our reading experience.

What’s your favorite font? (And perhaps an even more interesting question: what’s your least favorite font?) Please share in the comments — we’d love to hear from readers and designers alike!

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Katie Bircher, assistant editor at The Horn Book, Inc., is a former bookseller and holds an MA in children's literature from Simmons College.


  1. I quite like Kearney’s Irish/Gaelic typeface from 1571. Or classic English fonts like Caslon or Baskerville. – I dislike Gutenberg’s Blackletter.

  2. Least favorite font? Baptismal.

  3. Goudy Old Style, followed closely by Garamond. I do love them, old-fashioned as they are.

  4. Favorite: Adobe Garamond Pro or Goudy (another vote for the classics)
    Least favorite: Brush Script – used to threaten folks with it – “behave or I’ll have your body copy set in Brush Script!”

  5. Granjon LT is my favorite type, elegant and legible.

  6. cooper black, american typewriter, and futura….don’t be snobs.

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