KidLit Presidential Election — VOTE!

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UPDATE on 11/6/12: The polls are closed as of noon today. Thank you for your votes! Results coming soon.

The polls are open! Click here to vote for your favorite Horn Book KidLit election ticket today through noon on Election Day.

Who would best represent YOU as KidLit emissary?

Charlotte A. Cavatica and Octavian Nothing (D)?

Jamie Kincaid and Edward Cullen (R)?

The Lorax and Miss Rumphius (Green)?

Brian Robeson and Gale Hawthorne (Libertarian)?

Ole Golly and Clementine (Independent)?

Or a write-in ticket, perhaps one crossing party lines? (Janie and Joey? Heather and a certain uptight bird?)

Let your voice be heard! Vote today through noon on Election Day. And may the best man, woman, boy, girl, spider, vampire, or made-up creature win!


Access all of our election coverage by clicking on the tag KidLit Election 2012. For recommended reading on presidents, voting, the White House, and more, see our new election booklist.

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  1. BeetGirlLibrarian says:

    Join me in writing in
    Bedelia and Piggle Wiggle
    The Real Change Party

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