David Levithan on Every Day

david levithan David Levithan on Every DayFrom the November/December 2012 issue of The Horn Book Magazine:

Reviewer Christine Hepperman asks author and editor David Levithan about writing gender (and the lack thereof) in his YA novel Every Day. Read the full review of Every Day here.

Christine Hepperman: Were there specific challenges in writing a character who is both genders and neither?

David Levithan: When you think of a character as purely a voice, purely a self, purely as words, it’s easy to defy gender. I had never noticed before how largely genderless English is, lending itself well to this neutrality. The foreign translations, I imagine, are going to be more of a challenge, since other languages unfortunately gender language much more.

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Christine M. Heppermann About Christine M. Heppermann

Christine M. Heppermann is a Horn Book reviewer and a published poet. She is the author of City Chickens (Houghton); Bush v. Gore: The Florida Recounts of the 2000 Presidential Election; Twitter: The Company and Its Founders; and Whitney Houston: Recording Artist and Actress (all published by ABDO).

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