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pyramids menu Pyramids 3D app reviewTouch Press, developers of The Elements and X is for X-Ray, present a virtual odyssey through the ancient monuments of the Giza Plateau in Pyramids 3D: Wonders of the Old Kingdom (October 2012). 3D imaging and zoom capabilities allow for 360 degree rotation and manipulation of space and objects in this informative and interactive e-book, from the opening aerial shot of the famous necropolis right down to forty of the most precious artifacts excavated from within, including the “Golden Mask of Tutankhamun.”

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Using precise measurements and hundreds of high-resolution photographs of the actual monuments, Sandro Vannini and his team constructed remarkably accurate computer models of these ancient architectural wonders, transporting users inside the dim corridors of tombs and pyramids. A ten chapter text on the archeological history of the site, by Dr. Zahi Hawass, as well as brief audio introductions to each point of interest successfully supplement the distinguished visualizations.

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Maneuvering through the digital renderings can prove disorienting at times; I spent a great deal of time walking into walls while staring at the ceiling. But once you master the touch screen navigation, there is little else to complain about with this app—except, perhaps, the price.

Available for iPad with iOS 5.1 or later; $13.99. Recommended for sixth graders and up.

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