Letter to the Editor, January/February 2014

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It was terrific to see Uri Shulevitz’s new book, Dusk, featured on the November/December 2013 cover. What joyous lights gleam through the winter nights as dusk falls quickly! This magnificent book is a wonderful companion to Shulevitz’s Dawn, which, in a gentle manner, paints the coming of light into this world. Both books should be a part of every child’s early library.

I also bought ten copies of Katherine Paterson’s new book, Giving Thanks, (reviewed in the same issue) to hand out to family and friends at our Thanksgiving table. There’s no better way to celebrate the holidays than buying books to give to your loved ones, and in this age of e-books and fast-paced technology, there is no greater joy than leafing through a picture book with a young child.

Dr. Miriam Marecek
Winchester, Massachusetts

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