A tisket, a tasket, books for Easter baskets

Spring hasn’t fully sprung quite yet in Boston — we got snow overnight earlier this week! But with Easter this weekend, we know it’s coming (eventually). Here are four springy board books to tuck into a little one’s Easter basket.

Little White Rabbit A tisket, a tasket, books for Easter basketsThe titular bunny of Kevin Henkes’s Little White Rabbit has limitless curiosity and imagination to match. Square-bordered pictures of the energetic bunny face clean white pages with a simple line or two, in which the rabbit “wonder[s] what it would be like to be…” just about everything. Alternating full-spread illustrations depict his rich inner life. Bold lines, expressive movement, and a springtime palette will delight the child’s eye. (Greenwillow, 2014)

tudor tale for easter A tisket, a tasket, books for Easter basketsOriginally published in 1941, Tasha Tudor’s simply told, delicately illustrated A Tale for Easter [Classic Board Books series] evokes a time gone by as it celebrates the pleasures of the holiday and the possibilities of spring. A little girl notices all the signs that Easter is near: dress hemming, hot cross buns, and dreams about rabbits and lambs. Easter morning itself might bring “colored eggs,” “a basket of ducklings,” even “a bunny in Grandma’s rocking chair” — “anything might happen on Easter.” (Little Simon, 2014)

thompson little chick A tisket, a tasket, books for Easter basketsIn Lauren Thompson’s Little Chick, being the smallest of the flock does not prevent a “brand-new” chick from climbing high, running fast, peeping loudly, and finding the biggest seed. Mama Hen explains to the other animals that her little chick is “just big enough!” John Butler’s illustrations — double-page spreads in soft yellow and tan acrylics and colored pencils — create an idyllic farmyard that reflects the text’s lyrical cadences. (Little Simon, 2014)

beaton clare beatons garden rhymes A tisket, a tasket, books for Easter basketsClare Beaton illustrates seven garden-themed nursery rhymes such as “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary” and “Lavender Blue” with her signature fabric collage style in Clare Beaton’s Garden Rhymes. The double-page spreads feature a stanza or two of each rhyme, accompanied (with plenty of breathing room) by figures made from fabric and trims in a wide variety of textures, bright colors, and cheery patterns. (Barefoot Books, 2014)

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