2014 Summer Reading Recommendations

THB Summer reading form 2014 Summer Reading Recommendations

Educationalists will tell you how important it is for children to keep reading throughout the long summer break lest their ever-evolving literacy skills erode. Fine. That does not, however, excuse the frequently dreadful list of recommended or — eep — required reading that schools shoot out as one last salvo of homework just as everybody is looking forward to a nice break.

This list is not that list. Instead, the editors of the Horn Book hope you will find herein books kids — and you, too — will enjoy as part of the season’s leisure, every bit as delicious as ice cream. Dig in.

Picture Books (Fiction and Nonfiction) | Early Readers and Younger Fiction
Intermediate Fiction and Nonfiction | Middle School Fiction and Nonfiction
High School Fiction and Nonfiction

For a handy take-along list of titles, follow this link to a printable PDF.

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Roger Sutton
Editor in Chief

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  1. No poetry lists? I can’t imagine summer reading without poetry, for children or adults!

  2. Elissa Gershowitz says:

    But of course! Poetry is included in the individual sections. The lovely and very summer-friendly Firefly July, for example, is with the picture books.

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