>More Fanfare

>The official Fanfare 2009 list is up on our site, along with links to previous lists going back to 1938, the year we began constructing such a thing. It’s both enlightening and sobering to go back over the lists to see which books stick around (from 1938, The Hobbit) and which disappear (Jerry of Seven-Mile […]


>(Approximating the fanfare from the old Imperial margarine commercial) The new issue of Notes is out, complete with the Fanfare choices, our picks for the best books of the year.

>New Notes from the Horn Book–Fanfare Edition

>The latest issue of Notes features our Fanfare list with parent-friendly annotations, so pass it along. Also: Martha Parravano talks to picture book hero Kevin Henkes.

>And the hits just keep on comin’

>We proudly present Fanfare 2008, the Horn Book’s choices for the best books of the year.

>Fanfare 2007

>is up for your reading pleasure. This list will be published in the January/February issue of the Horn Book Magazine.