What Makes a Good Read–Aloud for Middle Graders?

cleary_ramona the pest

Back in the fifties, in my crowded parochial elementary school, the highest form of good luck landed you in Mrs. Sheeran’s fourth-grade class. The fact that Mrs. Sheeran wasn’t a nun marked her instantly as different. But more significant than her street clothes and married name were two admirable practices. First, every day at 10:30 […]

Color Commentary: I’m Not the Boss of Them

frazee_boss baby

by Marla Frazee Not to be a baby, but trying to write this has turned me into a poser. I keep pretending to have thoughts I’ve never actually thought, or to have made color decisions I’ve never consciously made, or to remember color theory that I’ve long ago forgotten. I’m ready to admit that I […]