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Archives for May 2006

>I touched Kevin’s.

>Sue Corbett has just posted to Childlit that Kate Thompson has won Ireland’s CBI Bisto Book of the Year Award. Again–the award for The New Policeman marks the fourth time Thompson has taken this prize, with its 6000 euro check and a “perpetual trophy” that gets passed from winner to winner. But apparently the sponsors, […]

>After all, the man did write "A Simple Song."

>It warmed the cockles of my show-queen heart (and made my holiday weekend) when a gift arrived in the mail from Elizabeth: an advance (and autographed) copy of I Could Have Sung All Night: My Story, by Marni Nixon with Stephen Cole (Billboard Books, September). Nixon most famously dubbed the leading ladies of the movies […]

>BEA/ALA, booksellers, librarians

>While I have a grip on the ins, outs, and constants of the ALA annual conference, I’ve been to BEA just twice, the first time ten years ago when it was called something else. So forgive me if I infer too much from limited observation. When I was perusing the offerings at ABC’s silent auction […]

What Ails Bibliotherapy?

Mention the word bibliotherapy, and children’s librarians and booksellers have similar tales to tell. The stories go something like this: a well-intentioned parent comes in and asks for a book about death. When questioned further, she explains that her child’s grandmother is dying and the child needs some books to help her understand what is […]

>Scary Salmon, Saucy Swede

>Although I’ve written here or elsewhere that I don’t like to have children’s-book art hanging in my house (because it reminds me of work and because I don’t think much sequential-style illustration works on the wall) I was very pleased to acquire, at the ABC silent auction at BEA, a drawing by Jules Feiffer, of […]

>Up, up in the air

>We’re editing the book review section of the July/August issue this week, and I’m astounded and consternated (a word I learned in said editing) by the number of reviews that end with some variation of “readers will look forward to/have to wait for/be left hanging until the third/fourth/fifth book of this series.” Here are my […]

>Transitional reading

>And by that, I don’t mean books that bridge between readers and chapter books, I mean books that move readers from one genre to another. Case in point is Mary Downing Hahn’s Witch Catcher, which I’m reviewing in the July/August Horn Book. I’ve enjoyed Hahn’s books, both gothics and historical fiction, for years, but publisher […]

>When "opportunity, opportunity, is knockin’ at your door . . .

>. . . Opportunity knocks but once–And don’t come back no more.”(from “Snatch and Grab It,” sung by Julia Lee) The SRA/McGraw Hill folks have responded to Patricia Polacco’s charges; their full statement can be found in the comments on yesterday’s post, but I’ll repost it here: SRA/McGraw-Hill welcomes the opportunity to present the facts […]

>Oprah again confirmed as cultural bellwether

>The New York Times Book Review has named, based on a poll of 125 notable authors and critics (although really: what the hell is Curtis Sittenfeld doing on that list?), Toni Morrison’s Beloved as the best American work of fiction published in the last twenty-five years. Beloved received fifteen votes, which, as Times critic A.O. […]

>Chicago postscript

>Patricia Polacco has re-uploaded her statement about her IRA non-appearance on her website, but now prefaces it with a note urging her supporters to take aim at No Child Left Behind, not SRA/McGraw-Hill. Which kind of makes her statement a non-issue, but if it makes more people understand what NCLB does and does not do, […]