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Archives for July 2006

>We Can Only Hope That It Will Stick

>Brer Romney, the handsome devil, has got hisself in a speck o’ trouble, I’m hoping. Brer fox, go git ‘im!

>Actions Speaking Loudly as Words

>Storming out of a screening of Clerks II, movie critic Joel Siegel hollered “This is the first movie I’ve walked out on in thirty fucking years!” Gosh, I wish I had that option. Unprofessional, but feels so good. I’m no movie critic, and when Richard and I watch something together I’m amazed by the stuff […]

>Collaring Clifford

>Ruth Gordon posted to the ALSC listserv this entertaining story about Scholastic putting the leash on unauthorized clowns dressing as the big red dog. My second-favorite line from the article comes from a clown who sees her work as historical preservation: “We’re helping keep Barney alive.” But my most favorite comes from Kyle Good, one […]

>Cuba Libro Libre, for the moment

>A federal judge has slapped down the Miami-Dade school district’s removal of all copies of Alta Schreier’s Vamos a Cuba, (the English edition is called Visit to Cuba) and all other books in Heinemann’s Visit to . . . series from the district’s school libraries. The suit to retain the books is ongoing, but the […]

>Don’t Mess with Harry!

>or Charlotte Church.

>When wiser (or grayer) heads prevail

>Not every teenaged writer can be Amelia Atwater-Rhodes or Christopher Paolini (or, on the other hand, S.E. Hinton). Here’s the story of a grown woman who actually dared to look back at an adolescent effort.

>As Dorothy Parker Once Said

>”And I am Marie of Rumania.”

>Heat wave diversions

>Links to paper dolls, audio excerpts of new books, and mini-movies can now be found at our web watch page, which digitally accessorizes each issue of the Magazine. Also, have a look at A. O. Scott’s essay about why the world needs movie reviewers. I don’t think he makes his case, but the tap-dancing around […]

2006 Newbery Medal profile of Lynne Rae Perkins

by Virginia Duncan “I am always surprised at what she sees looking at a view,” says Lynne Rae’s husband, Bill. “I see this and that, and Lynne starts to go on about, maybe, the power line towers, which I didn’t even register as being in the picture.” Surprised at what she sees looking at a […]

>Do Foxes Even Like Grapes?

>A million years ago, I wrote an essay for the NYT Book Review, “Yooks, Zooks, and the Bomb,” about anti-nuke books for children. You might remember that in Dr. Seuss’s The Butter Battle Book the Yooks and the Zooks are quarreling because one eats bread butter-side up, and the other, down. I complained that the […]