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Archives for August 2006

>It’s the Most Wonderful Time of Year

>Yes indeed, late August and surrounded by holiday books. We Do It Now So You Don’t Have To Later. Perhaps the most eccentric title in this year’s pile is, depending on how you punctuate the title page, It’s a Wonderful Life for Kids, or “It’s a Wonderful Life”: for Kids, due next month from Dutton. […]

>Who needs Judy Miller?

>The children’s-book beat at the New York Times does just fine without her. Last year, they somehow got an early copy of the last Harry Potter into Michiko Kakutani’s hands; now reporter Dinitia Smith has broken into S&S/Margaret K. McElderry headquarters to swipe a copy of the “embargoed” Peter Pan in Scarlet. Actually, I imagine […]

>Heady reading

>An article in the Philadelphia Inquirer takes a different spin on the topic of YA’s reading adult books, that is, adults reading YA books (thanks to Bookslut for the tip). God knows they will find some good reading, but I wonder if it’s damning with faint praise to say, as B&N bookseller Lisa Santamaria does, […]


>Pluto’s off the list, so never mind the song. And the anti-Castro forces in Miami are going for broke: this will bring the money the Board of Education will spend on the case to at least half a million dollars. Let’s not even think about how many books that money could buy; certainly they haven’t.

>Getting under the covers

>First, I happened upon a message board where young readers speculated madly on how the (now-defunct) movie of Gossip Girl should be cast. (“Yohomeboy” said “they should totally find unknown stars to play all the people cuz if they pick a old person like lindsey lohan then everyone is going to have bad thoughts about […]

>Who’s Your Favorite Little Woman?

>I used to want to be Amy, but not anymore.

>Putting the A in YA

>Last night we watched “Autopsy Room Four,” an episode in TNT’s Stephen King series Nightmares & Dreamscapes. Entertaining if too artificially drawn-out, the show was about Richard Thomas watching helplessly as doctors prepare to autopsy his body as if he were dead rather than a victim of snake-bite paralysis. Showing my age, I suppose, I […]

>Paradigm shift

>Three new verses, pronto! To be sung to the tune of “Farmer in the Dell.”

>Sell-by dates

>I went to New York this weekend to take Elizabeth to see Mamma Mia! for her birthday. (She’s such a good sport.) Looking for something to read on the Limoliner, I went over to the Barnes & Noble in the Prudential Center (I’m dating myself; it’s called something like Millennial Square Plaza Exclusive Shops Arcade […]

>Walking after Midnight

>When I can’t think of anything in particular I want to listen to on the subway for my morning commute, I ask Miss Pod to play a random selection of songs that I haven’t yet heard, an easy task since my accumulation of music is more vociferous than my listening to it (the juvenile stamp-collector […]