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Archives for September 2006

>November stars

>And lo, behold the glittering firmament of books that will be starred in the next issue of the Horn Book: Merry Un-Christmas(HarperCollins)written by Mike Reiss, illustrated by David Catrow The Last Dragon(Miramax/Hyperion)written by Silvana de Mari, translated from the Italian by Shaun Whiteside The Green Glass Sea(Viking)written by Ellen Klages Street Love(Amistad/HarperCollins)written by Walter Dean […]

>Food, Frolic, and the Fall of Rome

>Although he was not to be found in the taupe-tinged atmosphere of Banana Republic, my trip to New York was otherwise full of tasty moments–haute Polynesian with Elizabeth, schnitzel with the Germany girls, Starbucks with Fuse #8, panini with Richard Peck, and Emerald City (Key lime) mousse on a yellow-brick road (made of chocolate) with […]

>Taking a Bite out of the Apple

>Limoliner is taking me and Miss Pod to New York tomorrow. We’ll be listening to The Emperor’s Children (quite addictive and geographically apropos) and reading books for the star discussion next week. I’m going for the Eric Carle Museum bash Monday night, and also have dates with the Germany girls and intrepid blogger Fuse8. Any […]

>We’re looking . . .

>. . . for a managing editor for the Horn Book Guide. Come, join the madness! Details about the job are here.

>Teddy bear, teddy bear, do a trick–

>Teddy bear, teddy bear–oops, better not. Someone from Maine might be reading. If the staff and supporters of the Read With ME organization were less interested in covering their, um, bottoms and more invested in actually defending Schoolyard Rhymes, they might attend to the subtitle: Kids’ Own Rhymes for Rope Skipping, Hand Clapping, Ball Bouncing, […]

>A Happy Day for Houghton Mifflin

>David Macaulay becomes a genius and the hobbits ride again.

>Talking Trash With the Disney Girls

>Jennifer Brabander just forwarded me this Disney fantasia.

>Hands Across the Water

>I had breakfast this morning with Janetta Otter Barry and Sarah Butler of Frances Lincoln Ltd. in London. They were here both to talk about some books F.L. will be selling in the U.S. in the upcoming seasons and to find out about how the book reviewing system in these parts works: according to Janetta, […]

>Taking the Easy Way Out

>My friend Pam Varley and I were emailing this morning about our current audiobook listening, and sharing our common guilt at keeping, on, a “wish list” of books that we plan to listen to that is composed of titles rather more challenging than the books we actually end up purchasing. On my end, the […]

>Liquid Paper

>J.K. Rowling reports that airport security in New York wanted her to check her handwritten notes for the next Harry Potter with her luggage. What does she write with, shampoo?