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Archives for October 2006

>Chicago online

>I’ve been having fun playing with the new online version of the Chicago Manual of Style (you can get a free trial for a month). I note that Chicago now tells us not to hyphenate any varieties of Americans (African-, Asian-, etc.) even when used as an adjective (“the African American astronaut”), which I hope […]

>It’s Not Always Good News . . .

>. . . when you get your book reviewed in the Horn Book. Although the headline on the Magazine‘s book review section has stated for at least thirty years that “most [emphasis added] of the books reviewed are recommended,” we do try to keep everybody awake with the occasional mixed or negative review. I got […]

>Scooped again

>I see that Simon & Schuster’s saboteur (or the NY Times‘ intrepid spy) has struck again, as details from Bob Woodward’s new book–then embargoed until tomorrow–saw light in the Times and elsewhere on Friday, with the book itself reviewed by Michiko Kakutani on Saturday (you might remember when she scooped the world with a review […]