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Archives for January 2007

>"Dammit! Put Chloe on!"

>The Horn Book’s subway stop was like an episode of 24 this morning, with circling helicopters, black-garbed Staties, cleared bridges, police cars everywhere and news vans looking for a story. It turns out there was a package that could have been a bomb but wasn’t. The Boston Globe had to settle for a story about […]

>Three random notes

>1. Kitty Flynn has tracked down some more James Marshall material from our archives. 2. If you’re bored and in Boston tomorrow night, I’ll be moderating a panel at Boston College for the Foundation for Children’s Books. Program description: The Foundation for Children’s Books presents a panel discussion “What Happens Next in Children’s Books? On […]

>It Looked Like Spilt Milk

>Yes, one can sense a fluffernutter trend in my apres-ALA postings, but just one more. Go look at the hilarious contest Lisa Yee just ran, where you change the first letter of one word in a children’s book title, then give a sentence explaining what the book is about. I love Lisa’s example of Old […]

>Paradigm shift

>When I spotted the galley on the new book truck I thought I was reaching for one thing: but found myself with another.

>My first blog dream

>I dreamed last night that I was blogging about a catalog for an original-art exhibition I had received in the mail. The show was by Emily Arnold McCully, and most of the watercolors–beautiful all–were in the five or six thousand dollar range. There was one, though, that was listed at 2.1 million, and it was […]

>I just want to say this one thing about the Newbery

>Over at Oz and Ends Monday, J.L. Bell questioned the lack of diversity among the Newbery winner and its attendant Honors, noting that all four books are “very serious” and have girls as central characters. Run, I wanted to tell him. Duck-and-cover. Some people get really protective of that medal, as Martha Parravano and Lauren […]

The Sand in the Oyster: Looking for YA Lit

The Kerlan. A name invoked in hushed tones by devotees of children’s literature. A sort of heaven where manuscripts of the books we love go to be preserved forever. A collection of 100,000 books, as well as 16,000 files of holographs, typescripts, page proofs, artwork, editorial letters, and other assorted contents of authors’ office closets. […]

>Awards update

>A complete list of the 2007 ALA winners is now up on our website. We’ve included our reviews: see what the Horn Book thought of the winners.

>And the Winners Are…

>From the ALA Midwinter press conference: The Higher Power of Lucky by Susan Patron (Jackson/Atheneum) has won the 2007 Newbery Award; the Caldecott Award goes to Flotsam by David Wiesner (Clarion); and author-illustrator James Marshall is the recipient of the Wilder Award for his lasting contribution to children’s literature. Check back here later today (around […]

>Nothing to see here, folks

>as I am distractedly trying to keep with Guide and Magazine book review edits while getting ready to go to ALA tomorrow. I will try to post from Seattle and I promise to let you know what making The Call (for the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award) is like.