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Archives for July 2007

>September-October stars

>The following books will receive starred reviews in the (jumbo-sized special issue) September-October issue of the Horn Book Magazine: At Night (Farrar) written and illustrated by Jonathan BeanCowboy & Octopus (Viking) written by Jon Scieszka, illustrated by Lane SmithThe Golden Dream of Carlo Chuchio (Holt) by Lloyd AlexanderThe Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian […]

>Pirate ships have lowered their flags.

>In case you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, we’re proofreading the next issue of the Horn Book Guide, and the Intermediate Fiction section is crawling with Greek gods. The pirates seem in retreat. As are the faEEries. I wonder when publishers find out that they’re all doing the same thing, and how they feel about […]

>When good kids show bad judgment

>Today’s NYT article about the popular Junie B. Jones books brings up a number of reasons adults don’t like the series, mostly citing its demonstrations of bullying and other bad behavior. But my heart belong to a Mr. Lewis Bartell, a man mindful of the future: “My dad doesn’t like the grammar,” said the Bartells’s […]

>Get a grip.

>I’m staggered by the readers’ comments, all four hundred-plus of them, attached to NYT public editor Clark Hoyt’s defense of Michiko Kakutani’s review of Harry Potter. I routinely skip reviews of things I want to “see for myself” first: did this not occur as a strategy to anyone? (I saw the epitome of this thinking […]

>Wanna get spoiled?

>Actually, she doesn’t give all that much away, but Claire Gross’ review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is up. The review will appear in the September/October issue of the Horn Book Magazine.

>Pursuant to the topic at hand,

>Claire Gross sent me here.

>The Owl Has Landed

>And the UPS lady told me they had two trucks in my neighborhood this morning, packed with copies. Our reviewer is on her way over now. While you’re waiting, take a look at this op-ed from a man after my own heart: “Our obsession with spoilers has a diminishing effect, reducing popular criticism to a […]

>Harry and the Horn Book

>And while I was whining over here, Kitty Flynn posted links to all the high spots in the Horn Book’s coverage of Harry Potter. Missing is the letter from the (former) subscriber who took her leave from us upon our less-than rapturous review of The Chamber of Secrets. Speaking for myself, that Harry provided me […]

>And here I thought Monday would be timely.

>But the New York Times and Baltimore Sun got the jump on us, with reviews today of the new Harry Potter. And bravo to them: while Scholastic is entitled to try and stoke the flames of publicity–I mean, “preserve the magic moment”–by insisting on all kinds of secrecy, it’s equally the job of the press […]

Review of Parrotfish

Parrotfish by Ellen Wittlinger High School     Simon      294 pp. 7/07     978-1-4169-1622-2     $16.99     g “What I am is a person who’s capable of loving other people. That’s all that matters.” This is the unwavering thrust of Wittlinger’s groundbreaking latest, narrated by Grady (born Angela), a transgendered teenage boy who is determined to […]