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Archives for July 2007

>More Harry

>for the insatiable; Claire Gross reviews the new Harry Potter movie. And I had a few more words to say about the boy in USA Today.

>It’s Her Party

>Anne Fine offers a personal take on the Tintin in the Congo controversy, citing examples from her own work where she has revised lines to better speak to contemporary sensibilities and her own raised consciousness. P.L. Travers, you will recall, did the same with Mary Poppins, replacing the racial representatives of the “Bad Tuesday” chapter […]

>It was an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny . . .

>Galleycat reports on the news that Boyds Mills Press has backed out of negotiations to publish a picture book series by German artist Rotraut Susanne Berner after the author refused to change two pictures that displayed nudity, both small representations of artwork displayed in a museum. Oh, the horror, oh, the censorship, oh these self-righteous […]

David Yates’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is eight-hundred-plus pages of Harry at his teen-angstiest, Hogwarts at its darkest, and life at its most maddeningly unfair. David Yates’s movie adaptation captures all of this, surgically snipping subplots to build on the main emotional themes of the book: Harry’s pathological distrust of authority, his emergence […]

>Waiting for Harry

>The reporters are calling again, looking for a new Harry Potter story. I wish I could be more helpful, but there really is no news. When they ask what the “next Harry Potter” will be, I point out that there was no last Harry Potter, depriving us off the crucial second dot from which we […]

>With Our Face Sketched On It Once or Twice

>Gail Gauthier has a link to a valuable article about book reviewing. What interests me most about Alex Good’s piece is that much of what he says about the particularities of Canadian book reviewing speak also to children’s book reviewing: both often default to defensive postures re their respective embattled territories: Do these factors – […]

>The delights of genre fiction

>Ah, the British boarding school novel–the chums and mates, midnight feasts, and thrilling escapes “over the wall” to go into town and swap cheeky badinage with the local rogues: “Oi, sweetheart!” shouted one, standing behind his friend and pointing at Jinx. “Wanna sit on my face?” Christ, she thought, what an invitation! Please do excuse […]

>All hail the Potterologist!

>That would be Cheryl Klein, so dubbed by Time magazine in a refreshingly informative story about the forthcoming publication of the new HP. While the article about just how Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows makes it from Rowling’s manuscript to American bookstores is online, you need to read the print version in order to […]

>July/August ’07 Horn Book

>The July-August issue of the Horn Book Magazine is out; selected snippets can be found on our website but, c’mon, subscribe already. Also new: assistant editor cum tea-dumping subversive Claire Gross gets all in the (British) government’s face with a reading list of books about the events of 1776.


>If we decide to go with the flow and think of factoid as describing a true yet trivial thing, I want a word to describe a true, trivial, but oddly compelling experience such as the following, which I share with you here for no other reason than I cannot stop obsessing about it. The other […]