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Archives for November 2007

>Fanfare 2007

>is up for your reading pleasure. This list will be published in the January/February issue of the Horn Book Magazine.

>Picking a (Prize) Fight

>This report on the Ratatouille producers’ dilemma about whether to promote the film for a Best Animated or Best Picture Oscar slot reminds me of our children’s book also-rans, the Coretta Scott King Awards, the Sibert, and the Geisel. Before anyone gets huffy, what I mean is to question whether the existence of these awards […]

Horn Book Fanfare 2007

Best books of 2007 Chosen annually by our editors, Fanfare is The Horn Book Magazine’s selection of the best children’s and young adult books of the year. Picture Books At Night written and illustrated by Jonathan Bean (Farrar) Simple but rhapsodic sentences accompany a restless little girl up onto the roof of her city brownstone, […]

>Meg Cabot as Alistair Cooke

>Meg Cabot brings an American classic to life.

>Congrats to my best pal

>and our frequent commenter Elizabeth Law, whose appointment as VP and publisher of Egmont USA has just been announced. Yay, Lawzy! Send us pics, I mean snaps, from your glam London party!

>Excuse My Dust

>A Horn Book interview with Philip Pullman is forthcoming on our website later this week; Philip and I spent a few minutes on Friday discussing the upcoming Golden Compass movie and the peculiar Bill Donohue of the Catholic League, whose job I totally want: the man makes more than 300,000 smackers a year interviewing himself […]

>Burning down the house?

>Amazon’s new e-book reader, Kindle, is here. I have great hopes for e-books, read them regularly (via Miss Palm) and Kindle has a lot of neat features, mostly stemming from its free (if limited) wireless access to the internet. But two things are stopping me from wanting one: it’s ugly and it doesn’t have a […]

And Still the Story — The Zena Sutherland Lecture

The day approaches when the speaker who has the honor of this podium will not remember Zena Sutherland personally, but the writers of my generation knew her, and like every writer since, I have a career that owes her a debt. For all of us who write for the young and the half-grown; for all […]

>Starred Books, January/February ’08 Horn Book

>The following books will receive starred reviews in the January/February issue of the Horn Book Magazine: Becca at Sea (Groundwood) by Deirdre Baker Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You (Foster/Farrar) by Peter Cameron How the Hangman Lost His Heart (Walker) by K. M. Grant Jabberwocky (Jump/Hyperion) illustrated by Christopher Myers When Fish Got […]


>Gregory Maguire and Susan Cooper, photo by Richard Asch While the rest of you were chowing down on thousand-dollar-a-plate surf-n-turf at the National Book Awards (unless you were too busy fondling–oh ICK I can’t even say it) I was scarfing cookies graciously provided by Candlewick Press and Simon & Schuster as refreshment for our evening […]