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Archives for May 2008

>Be funny for money

>Britain’s children’s laureate Michael Rosen announces a new award, the Roald Dahl Prize, for funny children’s books.

>Mind Games

>Gawker has a story up about games the D.C. Metro has dreamed up to entertain commuters and/or distract them from suicidal thoughts. My longstanding subway game is less complicated: I pretend I’m an extra in a movie scene, and I have to pick out the one other person on the platform or in the car […]

>Craigslist or Freaky Friday?

>Missed Connections: leaving Stony Brook station around 6:00 PM yesterday. Me, tall middle-aged man in a bowtie listening to iPod. You, medium-height young woman reading the Horn Book. Any authors out there ever similarly catch a reader unawares?

>In lieu of a gift

>I’m guessing they’re too busy to read this but maybe you’re not.


>It’s not just George. Opera Chic led me to Gramophone‘s (my second-favorite magazine in the world) plan to sell CDs and downloads on their site. Gramophone is primarily in the business of reviewing classical music CDs; if they (to employ the British usage!) are also selling them, it raises the question of editorial independence–presumably, a […]

>New and new

>The new Notes from the Horn Book should be in your inbox. And Claire’s latest list–Summer Reading–is up on our site. I think I should confess that I am hooked on Beach Blondes, wherein Summer has three hot dudes vying for her attention and a possible fourth who may be her long lost big brother. […]

>More overheard passersby

>On my way to the subway this morning, I pass a man and a woman walking, smiling, hand in hand. Man to woman: “I just think you’re playing with fire, this close to the wedding.”

>Reading disobedience

>If you are attending the Massachusetts Library Association conference in Falmouth this Thursday, come hear Simmons College library school professor Maggie Bush and me talk about the intersection of parents, children and libraries in the question of equal access to library materials. Let’s say Janie wants to read the Harry Potter books. Let’s say Janie’s […]

>Expensively back from Chicago

>Pay very, very close attention to your dates when you get a paperless ticket, he says $350.00 dollars later. I mistakenly booked myself to return from Chicago TODAY instead of YESTERDAY. Apparently you can’t fly standby when it’s the day before, either. But I had to get back to you. (Now that Cyndi Lauper/Celine Dion […]

>Holding Out for a Hero?

>Claire’s got a whole bunch of them for you. And speaking of which, was that show (Heroes) canceled or what?