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Here are just a few of the guest book entries from the first version of the exhibit spanning 1999 to 2005. We'd love to hear from you on our current guest book.

7/14/99Gayle BaarThis is a wonderful addition to your website. I am planning to come back to see the new things you are planning to add. Do wish that Horn Book Highlights included more information about the years that Bertha Mahony Miller was editor.
8/11/99John JacobsenThink of two women driving a 'bus' into the 'back roads' in 1920! Just the challenge of changing a tire would be overwhelming. Without this beginning you might not 'be' today!
9/25/99Karen Romano
I've been reading the Horn Book since I was 15. I had the wonderful job of helping our children's librarian choose books for the library. Soon I hope to see one of my very own books reviewed, a dream come true!
10/7/99Amy L. CohnFor a former staff member who continues to cherish her ties with the magazine, it's wonderful to be back at The Horn Book again.
10/19/99Teresa Marie
I first heard about the Horn Book in my Children's Literature class that I took because it was recommended for my major of Library Technology. I am now researching the magazine for another Library Technology class. I thoroughly enjoyed it and your site. Happy 75th Anniversary!
10/21/99Connie KruegerI love to do author studies with my students and often have trouble finding enough interesting information to share. I love the articles and interviews you have provided and I am thrilled that you've included some audio clips as well. Thanks!
1/12/00Ellen E. ProctorMy mother was an editor and had quite an interest in childrens books. I remember seeing copies of your magazine around our apartment when I was a child (in the early 1960s). I'm a bookseller now, and my forthcoming subscription to your magazine will create a family tradition, passed down to me through happy memory. Thank you for the lovely exhibit. I especially like the listings of download times for images. Wonderful!
1/27/00Mary Catherine HanleyPurely by accident, I find your site. It’s dandy. Found a book at the resale store: Lito and the Clown by Leo Politi. I wasn’t familiar with the author and after checking the title with ABE, I entered Politi’s name in the Google search engine. Up popped The Horn Book.
2/2/00Jo ThornleyI didnt really understand it.
2/19/00Richard ConteI was a typesetter at the Thomas Todd Company from 1963 to 1992 and have set the type for many Horn Books. I am surprised that I find no reference to the Thomas Todd Company or have I overlooked it. Oops! I just found the reference under the "History of the Horn Book (Sept./Oct/ 1999." Sorry. See Anita Silvey's editorial "In Gratitude" (Horn Book, March/April 1992.
3/28/00Tracee VanderwerI have lots a Laura Ingalls Wilder book and paper on her. My mom work for Laura Ingalls Wilder at Walnut
4/14/00Maria Teresa ReidThis is a great site! I am an elementary school teacher and I am constantly reading her books to my students. I will add some more information to our "Meet the Author" corner. I am sure the kids will enjoy this site as much as I do.
 4/24/00Lauren MaricleThis site is great! I’m a 9 year old Chadwick School student in third grade. We are doing biographys, and I am doing Beatrix Potter! This site is fun to use.
 5/11/00Amy CrookesThis is a great site for language arts teachers. I would recommend it as a source for good information for the classroom teacher.
5/23/00T. Maire PantaniI heartily agree with comments on Walt Disney Productions I thought I was a voice in the wilderness. Lets hear it for the classics and arts our nation needs solid readers who are not afraid of a 200 page plus book to take them on a fantastic journey. I have waited a long time to make this comment thank Horn Books.
 09/18/00Kristi BentonI enjoyed looking at your virtual exhibit very much. I am a fairly new school librarian, and as I looked at the site I found myself surrounded by the amazing history of my profession. I feel inspired to read more about the voices that brought children’s literature to the forefront. Keep up the good work!
 9/21/00Nancy Hayes CluneWhat a great exhibit! I’m doing a short piece on Ashburnham’s literary history, and I was delighted to find this site.
 11/10/00 Monica LenhardI was just browsing, and found the site, LOVED the letters from my favorite authors!!
 11/15/00Ricardo Enrique GarciaI think the Horn Book is a good place to become part of history. In years to come people will read these few words and know that I existed. I am a 9 year old boy, my teacher asked me to look this up on the web. And I am sure glad that I did.
 12/7/00ChasityI don’t fully agree with the comments made on Walt Disney Productions, because I myself have always been a Walt Disney fan. Now that I am older I do realize that it is true that there are some underlying meanings in Disney productions. However, when I was younger I never looked at a Disney video or read a Disney book in such depth. I never read too much into them, and I really don’t think that many kids do. For me, reading Disney books and watching Disney videos was just fun. It didn’t have a negative effect on me.
 2/8/01jennie a. depakakibowhat a wonderful exhibit! so very interesting. the best part is being able to see images of original documents written by my favorite writers! THANK YOU!
 2/19/01Sue ReynoldsTerrific way for us in Australia to be in recent contact with what’s going on at The Hornbook. Not as good as being there - and I have visited the Hornbook offices in Boston in the past! Maybe again one day...
3/9/01Lynn SmithBertha Mahony is my new hero! Thanks, Horn Book, for 75 years of great stuff. I’m off to look up Wm. Steig’s Caldecott acceptance speech.
3/17/01L. R. WilliamsGreat site! I really wanted the gingerbread recipe for Western Day in my fifth grade class!
4/11/01Mrs. McClure’s 3rd grade classOur class is looking forward to viewing the web site and gaining more knowledge of life on the prairie
4/17/01Jul KregerI love this! i found soo much info that i needed for a class project and it was so easy!
4/18/01Robert Mendozathis place is pretty cool to find information. If all websites had the same information like this the internet would be tight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 6/2/01Katie McCorkleI am evaluating this site for a graduate course I am taking. What a great resource for educators!
7/5/01Carol CaseI used to work for the “legendary” Helen Jones (Miss Jones) at Little Brown, so also frequently saw and talked with Emily McLeod of The Atlantic Monthly Press (as they used to be combined). I also worked at Houghton Mifflin, so know both Anita Silvey and Walter Lorraine. What with the recent sale of Houghton Mifflin and Little Brown’s long-ago departure to New York, wouldn’t an article about children’s book publishing in Boston be a good idea for the magazine? I also wonder about the page called “A Little History of The Horn Book Magazine.” Why does is start out in 1951? I had to do a lot of reading to piece together the 1924 origins and connection to the Women’s Educational and Industrial Union! Glad to have discovered this site.
11/1/01Jonathon SonesenIt’s a cool site but you need pictures of Roald Dahl but if I get a bad grade on my roald dahl report Im blaming you. sincerely Jon
11/1/01Jan YoungThis is the first time I have visited your site on-line. Thank you for the opportunity to “visit” with two of your past editors, Paul and Ethel Heins. My children are their grandchildren and they grew up “helping” the Heins’s review children’s literature. My children were blessed with the Heins’s as grandparents, and were showered with love, laughter and literature. To Paul and Ethel, the Horn Book and what it represents was not a job, a career or a title, it was a way of life, a statement of who they were. Their home contained over 5,000 books, all of them had been read an most of them were for children. Grammy and Papa are no longer with us, but their gifts to us all will remain forever.
 12/2/01Upendra Trivediit was a delight to see not only isaac asimov’s name but more that of Laura Ingalls Wilder an authoress with whose writings i grew up here in india. it is astonishing that not many of my american friends have heard of her. thank you for recalling the memory of that delightful authoress.
12/5/01Sharon GrossI loved the exhibit. I am working as a children’s librarian in Illinois. Roger Sutton was one of my instuctors at Rosary College(Dominican University).
12/18/01Chenggui_LiThis is the first time I visit your site.I hope it will be a nice site,and bring me great enjoyment.Any way,I am browsing this
1/5/02Cynthia Marshall CarrollI passed through your site again, and discovered the audio interview with my brother, author James Marshall. I was stunned to listen to it. I had for so long after his death, regretted not getting more audio recorded of him. I do have some wonderful home videos of him, but this interview with Anita Silvey brought tears to my eyes. As I listened, it brought him back to life for a few precious minutes. Thank-you!
1/22/02SaraYour Web-Site really helped me out because I had to do a report on a famous woman, and I ended up doing Beatrix Potter. Your information was very helpful and I will visit this site again.
 1/23/02Andre Lefevre GoldensteinIt is a really nice site you made me get 100% in my Roald Dahl Project!
2/14/02dorothy ann rewershappy valentine’s day! i’m doing a report on rosemary wells for my pre-school lit class for collage. this has been very helpful
2/16/02Lyn CollinsI found The Horn Book a wonderful source of information while studying “Values and Issues in Children’s Literature”. I’m looking forward to some happy hours browsing on the site!!
3/1/02Ann M. HarveyDelighted to read Lillian Gerhardt’s memories of first working at the Kirkus Service. She was a wonderful editor and boss when I worked for her at School Library Journal.
3/18/02LauraLaura Ingalls books are the best in the whole wide world!!! Wish she had not died cause her books rock!
4/7/02Candis SilvaI thoroughly enjoyed your website. I had heard of the Horn Book, but didn’t know any of the background. What an inspirational story for librarians! I especially loved the author articles: Hazel Rochman — Against Borders. Powerful Stuff!!! Thank you.
4/27/02Anthony C. Brown, III am in the 5th grade and attend Riverside Elementary school in Shreveport, Louisiana. I am doing a report on Robert McCloskey because he his one of my favorite authors. I enjoy reading his books. Thank you
 7/24/02Robert RantaMy grandparents, Alexander and Hedvig Saari, were for many years caretakers of Mt. Airy, the cabin with a commanding view of Sandy Bay off Squam Rd. in Rockport, Mass., that served as Bertha Mahony Miller’s summer aerie. A large, dark sedan at the end of the long gravel drive announced her arrival each season. I remember to this day her white hair, kind smile, clear blue eyes, and pleasant manner, sensing her importance even as a youth in the 1950s. Her generosity in the form of books regularly delivered from the Bay Colony Bookstore in Boston during my formative years helped forge a lifetime love of reading. Only as an adult did I come to understand the scope of Mrs. Miller’s influence in the world of children’s books and reading.
8/24/02Casie HusbyWhat wonderful information I received for my author report on Marcia Brown for my children’s literature class. Who would have known that Marcia Brown actually worked as a children’s librarian at the New York Public Library. She would have been such a wonderful person to interview for my library field study -- I have received quite a collection of information from this site. Thank You!
 10/16/02DianaHello, I am currently a student and the working mother of a three year old. My instructor in Children’s Literature recommended this site for research and I have found it useful. I also enjoy the articles and find them helpful. Keep writing! Thanks!
 10/29/02Elaine SnowWhile doing research on YA historical fiction in preparing a grant proposal, I came across your article on the genre by Anne Scott MacLeod. What a great article! It clearly supported a rather unpopular (but certainly cogent) argument against political correctness running amok in children’s literature! I used material from that article in my proposal and enclosed a print copy in my historical fiction notebook. I haven’t subscribed to your source in a while, but intend to add it to our subscription service at the renewal. Thanks again!
2/6/03Mary Ann MahonyThe Virtual History Exhibit is beautiful. I particularly liked the Bertha Mahony Miller materials. As a descendant of one of her cousins, it’s always been inspiring to read about her life and her work.
9/7/03Karen Marvel ShuteMy great grandmother, Leah Carter Johnston, was the first children’s librarian in San Antonio. She contributed periodically to Horn Book between the 1930’s and her retirement from the library system in 1955. I have several of her old Horn Books and treasure them.
11/7/03victoria russell calebI grew up in Ashburnham, MA, where Bertha Mahoney lived with her husband William Miller. In about 1968 after Mrs. Miller’s death, the contents of the house were auctioned off at the premises, and my father purchased a number of items. Because of those, I am interested in the Millers’ history. William Miller was an art collector. His collection of ancient Roman glass has been given to the Fitchburg (MA) Art Museum.
12/11/03BrendaI grew up in L.A. My Grandparents were close friends with Leo Politi. I was blessed to have spent many hours at his side! I would love to find an “Emit” book or any one of the books he signed to my family. The family name is Haddon.
9/8/04Mrs. S., Language Arts TeacherI loved this site! It answered many of my questions, and for those grammarian-sticklers among us, in a completely understandable manner.
 10/14/04Angie BI really enjoyed finding out about the beginning of Horn Books. The pictures and letters were well kept. I think any child would like this information for a research paper.
1/24/05Sandra SalleeThank you for this wonderful exhibit. I’ve only explored a bit of it, but I was delighted to find some of my old favorites. This is a wonderful resource.
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