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Review of The Rock from the Sky

The Rock from the Sky by Jon Klassen; illus. by the author Primary    Candlewick    96 pp.    g 4/21    978-1-5362-1562-5    $18.99 In this collection of five connected short stories, clocking in at over ninety pages and composed solely of dialogue, Klassen introduces readers to a turtle, an armadillo, and a snake...

Review of Skunk and Badger

Skunk and Badger by Amy Timberlake; illus. by Jon Klassen Primary, Intermediate    Algonquin    136 pp.    g 9/20    978-1-64375-005-7    $18.95 e-book ed.  978-1-64375-121-4    $15.95 Badger is perfectly content to live alone in a brownstone owned by Aunt Lula, which he’s arranged to suit his rather particular preferences, when a surprise roommate...

The Wolf, the Duck, and the Mouse

Last Friday, the team from the Guessing Geisel blog dropped by to discuss some 2017 picture books with possible crossover Geisel and Caldecott appeal. One of the titles was Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen's Triangle. But today we're here to discuss Barnett and Klassen's other 2017 picture book, The Wolf,...

CaldeGeisel 2018

We here at Calling Caldecott thought it would be fun to have a visit today from the three librarians who run the show over at Guessing Geisel, the blog that celebrates beginning readers and annually runs a mock vote for the Geisel Award (just as we will soon have a...

Readers, meet Triangle

Reposting a previous Review of the Week from our website today...A new Mac Barnett/Jon Klassen collaboration is always of interest for picture book connoisseurs. This one? Well, you can tell from the wordless cover that it's somewhat of a departure from their previous books — and you probably can't tell, but the...

Review of Triangle

Triangleby Mac Barnett; illus. by Jon KlassenPreschool, Primary    Candlewick    48 pp.3/17    978-0-7636-9603-0    $15.99Triangle leaves his triangle-shaped house via his triangle-shaped door, off to “play a sneaky trick on Square.” He walks to Square’s house and stands outside the square-shaped door, hissing like a snake. Square, who...

Hbook Podcast 2.4 - Special Guests Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

Siân chats with author/illustrator Jon Klassen and author Mac Barnett during a Triangle tour stop at the Brookline Booksmith.LinksMac’s TED talkSteven MalkRoger and Gene Luen Yang discuss lots of things, including the author/illustrator split during the picture book production processThe YarnRelevant pictures SaveSave...

We Found a Hat

Whole masters theses will be written about Jon Klassen's Hat trilogy, if they haven't been already. Here, of course, we can look only at this one book, since the actual Caldecott committee is not allowed to consider an illustrator's previous work in its deliberations.We Found a Hat is a morality play in which (this time!)...

Sam & Dave Dig a Hole

What will the Caldecott committee be talking about when it turns its scrutiny to Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen's Sam & Dave Dig a Hole? Maybe the question should be, What WON'T the committee be talking about? Like Yuyi Morales's Viva Frida, this is one discussable book. Though, perhaps, for different...

This Is Not My Hat

Here's one of the two picture books we're reading for our second class. What do you make of this one? For those of you who know your lit, this is a classically unreliable narrator. How do the text and art play off each other? If you can, try reading it...

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