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Review of Overground Railroad

Overground Railroad by Lesa Cline-Ransome; illus. by James Ransome Primary, Intermediate    Holiday    48 pp. 1/20    978-0-8234-3873-0    $18.99 e-book ed.  978-0-8234-4390-1    $11.99 “Some walked. / Some drove. / But we took the train north.” In 1939, as part of the Great Migration, young Ruth Ellen and her parents leave North Carolina,...

Review of Leaving Lymon

Leaving Lymon by Lesa Cline-Ransome Intermediate, Middle School    Holiday    199 pp. 1/20    978-0-8234-4442-7    $17.99 e-book ed.  978-0-8234-4633-9    $10.99 Lymon Caldwell, a secondary character in Finding Langston (rev. 9/18), tells his story in this companion novel that explores the question, “Are bullies born or are they made?” Lymon lives with his...

Review of The Power of Her Pen: The Story of Groundbreaking Journalist Ethel L. Payne

The Power of Her Pen: The Story of Groundbreaking Journalist Ethel L. Payne by Lesa Cline-Ransome; illus. by John Parra Primary    Wiseman/Simon    48 pp. 1/20    978-1-4814-6289-1    $17.99 e-book ed.  978-1-4814-6290-7    $10.99 Ethel L. Payne grew up on the South Side of Chicago surrounded by stories from her parents and from...

Review of Finding Langston

Finding Langstonby Lesa Cline-RansomeIntermediate, Middle School     Holiday     107 pp.8/18     978-0-8234-3960-7     $16.99e-book ed. 978-0-8234-4110-5     $16.99When Langston’s mother dies, his father relocates the two of them from rural Alabama to the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago, where they live in a cramped apartment, barely communicate with each other, and...

Publishers' Preview: Diverse Voices: Five Questions for Lesa Cline-Ransome

This interview originally appeared in the May/June 2018 Horn Book Magazine as part of the Publishers’ Previews: Diverse Voices, an advertising supplement that allows participating publishers a chance to each highlight a book from its current list. They choose the books; we ask the questions.Sponsored byPost–WWII Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood is...

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