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[See also our Nonfiction Notes from the Horn Book archives]   2020 January 2020 Five questions for Kacen Callender Sense of place Intergenerational warmth and wisdom Fascinating figures from twentieth-century history From the Editor February 2020 Five questions for A.S. King about Dig. ALA Awards 2020: Horn Book reviews of...

From the Editor - April 2012

I’m so pleased to see the “kooky chapter books” Elissa Gershowitz reviews above. First, because they’re chapter books: while there is hand-wringing about the state of picture book publication and The Hunger Games is dominating the media, chapter books—which I define in A Family of Readers as the first place...

Kooky chapter books

Staid and predictable chapter books these aren’t. Oddball characters (a pair of hands?!), weird situations, and off-kilter settings make these selections stand out from the crowd.In Sonya Hartnett’s Sadie and Ratz, the titular characters are the pair of hands that belong to Hannah — and get her into trouble. Most...

Preschool books you've been waiting for

Two of these picture book “sequels” feature old friends, two introduce a new friend into a familiar setting, and one keeps on truckin’ with a popular subject. All five will be eagerly greeted by their preschool fans.Olivier Dunrea welcomes a new gosling to his series of books that began with...

More book lovers

There’s nothing cozier than curling up with a good story. But four new YA titles shake up their book-loving protagonists, pulling them out of their armchairs and into adventures of their own.Ophelia and her eccentric bookseller aunt Emily, both poets, also share a connection to the supernatural in Michael Bedard’s...

Opening day

Part of the appeal of baseball is its storied history. These three old-timey baseball books add to the lore of the game for young fans.Audrey Vernick’s Brothers at Bat: The True Story of an Amazing All-Brother Baseball Team highlights the Acerra family of Long Branch, New Jersey. In 1938, the...

Five questions for Vaunda Micheaux Nelson

Photo by Drew NelsonTo tell the complex story of her great-uncle, bookseller Lewis Michaux, 2010 Coretta Scott King Author Award–winner (for Bad News for Outlaws: The Remarkable Life of Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S. Marshal) Vaunda Micheaux Nelson employs an amalgamation of historical research, family stories, and her own imagination. No Crystal...

Books mentioned in the April 2012 issue of Notes from the Horn Book

Five questions for Vaunda Micheaux NelsonNo Crystal Stair: A Documentary Novel of the Life and Work of Lewis Michaux, Harlem Bookseller written by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson, illus. by R. Gregory Christie, Carolrhoda LAB, 12 years and up.Bad News for Outlaws: The Remarkable Life of Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S. MarshalI, written by...

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